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Minimum program against corruption

Minimum program against corruption to encourage political decision-makers to make commitments for concrete actions.


In co-operation with investigative site atlatszo.hu and Transparency International Hungary, we have established anti-corruption minimum programs to encourage political decision-makers to make commitments for the next legislative period since 2014. Signing the call candidates accept that in case of their election they will take concrete actions against corruption.

The program builds on the years-long research and advocacy work of the three organizations, and is comprised of six key areas, focusing on establishing 21st century standards of transparency in the public administration:
1. Transparency of the decision making process
2. Freedom of Information requests
3. Transparency of the Budget
4. Transparency of contracts and public procurements
5. Municipality owned enterprises 
6. Accountability of decision-makers

The first campaign run before the 2014 parlamentary elections. In the second phase of the project we focused on local government transparency initiatives and budgets (municipality elections in 2014 and 2019). In 2019 ~400 candidates signed the petition, and won places in more than 60 local municipalities.

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 - This is the Minimum! - 21st century standards of transparency in the municipalities (k.blog, Nov. 14, 2019)
 - Hungarian NGOs call for local government transparency again before municipal elections (atlatszo.hu, Oct. 02, 2019)
- General Assembly of Budapest unanimously approved the anti-corruption minimum program (atlatszo.hu, Nov. 6, 2019)  


Miklós Merényi

local government expert, volunteer coordinator

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