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K-Monitor strives against corruption and promotes the transparency of public spending in Hungary. We operate open data websites, conduct research and advocate for legal reform. We truly believe that information technology can contribute to a more open, more transparent and more democratic way of governing.
Principles of our operation are openness, independence and a critical approach.



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Our financial mamagement is transparent.

According to our preliminary calculations, in 2018 our expenses amounted to EUR 111.000. Of the 111k we spent 50k on wages, taxes and contributions, and 48k on services (mostly IT-related services). Our overhead and rental costs amounted to roughly 10k. The majority (73k) of our EUR 105.000 income was – once again – made up of grants, our most important donors were Google, OSF, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Advocate Europe. We conducted expert work and research as contractors for roughly 17,5k, received 4k from tax 1% offerings, and 10k from donations (which is five times as much as in the year before!). Besides, the work of our more than 10 volunteers and 3 interns proved invaluable.

In line with our principles our financial management is transparent. For further information browse our annual reports (HU only) or the list of our donors.

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